Here’s the scenario: You attempt to interest the hiring manager with a standard resume listing your accomplishments. It includes all the appropriate bullets, but no one reads it. Sound familiar?

Your resume is just one in 300 resumes they’ve seen today as they spend only 5-6 seconds on each one to decide if they’ll actually read it fully.  The truth is, although you’ve spent hours sifting through and modifying templates you found online, the end-result still doesn’t represent you well.   How do you change that?

Typically, only one of 30 resumes I see from my clients is even close to being appropriate and effective. There’s nothing there to grab the reader and separate it from the rest. There is a better way…


The resume process is part of the full CareerCOACH™ career counseling package or as a stand-alone session. You will meet with a career coach for approximately 90 minutes during which you discuss where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you’re going. Working together, line by line, you and your coach will create a clear impactful resume that compliments who you are as a person and highlights your accomplishments effectively.

Want to stand out from the pile?

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