Posted by on August 2, 2018

August is an IDEAL time to begin to sharpen your resume

and your pitch to attract employers. But if your strategy is

putting your resume up on company websites, LinkedIn,, and a host of online sites hoping to get a hit,

you’ll continue to be sorely disappointed in the results.

Up to 85% of the jobs posted don’t exist anymore frustrating

and wasting your valuable time over and over again.

Unless you’re a fresh face out of college 1-3 years,

most recruiter searches will pass you by. And ask yourself,

how many responses of ANY kind have you gotten from

online submissions. Probably close to zero.

Having a tuned resume and LinkedIn profile, coupled

with a fool-proof system of connecting to decision makers

is a solution that works. Through your CareerCOACH you’ll

have a killer resume that look forward to where you want to go,

and specific contact content to help people help you find your

ideal job called your Sphere of Influence.

To get off the computer and into job discussions, simply

reply to this e-mail with –

“Yes I’m ready to stop the endless failures of online searches”

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