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In this job market, it’s tempting to leap before you look.
After so many years of lean, people are unfortunately
Jumping into jobs before they really understand what
The job is, and how the pay structure REALLY works.
The best path is to follow are these 4 steps:
1.       Understand your Passion and Purpose in life
Find the right job that drives your forward.
2.       Assess yourself. Know thyself as they say.
If you are adverse to sales, know it.
If you love data instead of people contact, own it.
If you’re driven by closing business, live it.
3.       Get a real resume that hits all your high points
Create a Profile that outlines who you are and
what you bring to the table.
4.       Most important after 1-3 above…. Have a system.
Don’t just apply online or expect LinkedIn to reward
You with a job. It most often doesn’t happen that
way at all. Use your sphere of influence and a
contact narrative that engages people to find you work.
If you want all these things and a great job as a result, then
We need to get working NOW.
September and October are coming and those that are ready will reap
The benefits of good planning and find Killer Jobs.
Want to get started?
Just reply to this email and we’ll get you dialed in
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